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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera and Char Koey Teow in Malaysia - Day 04 - Ep 10

Day 04 - Ep 10 - We recommend you to reserve one full day for this "Pearl of the Orient", because it has a lot to offer and a lot for you to explore and enjoy. Penang Hill is actually a collection of peaks/hills, and the one that usually referred to as Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera (in Malay) is the most developed peak among them. It was used as a retreat during the British colonial period, and is now a popular tourist destination in Penang.

The top of the hill is accessible via the Penang Hill Railway from its base station at Hill Railway Station Road. To date, this funicular railway system is the only one of its kind in Malaysia and the operating hours of funicular is as follows:

Daily train operating hour - 6.30am - 11.00pm (Last train from top station)
Daily ticketing counter operating hour - 6.30am - 9.45pm

Moreover the operation during the day are based on following schedule:
6:30am to 8:00am - every 30 minutes
8:00am to 8:00pm - every 15 minutes
8:00pm to 11:00pm - every 30 minutes

Ticket Fees (for foreigners):
Adult (2-way): Standard RM 30 - Fast Lane RM 80
Adult (1-way): Standard RM 15 - Fast Lane RM 45
Children (4 - 12 years) (2-way): Standard RM 15 - Fast Lane RM 40
Children (4 - 12 years) (1-way): Standard RM 8 - Fast Lane RM 20
Senior Citizen (60 & + years): Standard RM 30 - Fast Lane RM 60

There's ample amount of parking space (paid) in a parking plaza adjacent to Penang Hill Lower Station. This is automated parking, you'll get the card on entrance and you will have to pay the amount on card before you leave, via several parking payment kiosks on each floor of the parking plaza and are installed close to the stairs and elevators.

After parking head straight to the Penang Hill Lower Station and get your Funicular tickets from the ticket counter. You will see the batch# mentioned on the tickets and which will be referred in boarding announcements made from time to time over the speakers and also on the information kiosks and display screens installed at various locations to keep passengers informed about the status of Funicular.

Enter the boarding area of Funicular, by tapping the tickets on to the automatic entry gates, allowing you to pass through the gates. Proceed to the waiting area, if your batch is not the upcoming one, else proceed to the boarding station queue and wait until the Funicular comes to a stand still and automatic sliding gates of the Funicular are open.

Penang Hill is a wonderful hill resort and offers:
  1. Mother Nature
    1. Rich flora and fauna
    2. The Habitat
    3. Nature Walks
    4. Monkey Cup Garden
  2. Breathtaking Views
    1. Beautiful Sun Rise
    2. Spectacular Day Views
    3. Mesmerizing Sunset & Evening Views
  3. Cultural Diversity (Mosque & Temple)
  4. Heritage Attractions
  5. Little Village
  6. Earthquake & Typhoon
  7. Love Lock
  8. Henna & Spa
  9. Dinosaur & Aviary Garden
  10. Owl Museum
There are plenty of options available when it comes to food and beverages and you'll see restaurants/cafes, food court and other stalls offering snacks, juices, ice creams, etc.

This was the first time when we tried local Malaysian dish called Char Koey Teow and it was quite tasty, for full review please refer to the last section of this video.

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