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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Fin Burger Halal Fast Food Chain in Bangkok, Thailand

Who doesn't like Burgers? :) we too are fond of this crazy fast food snack and if they are made to perfection with quality, balanced spices, fresh ingredients and cooked on order, they'll make your meal all the more enjoyable and memorable. So, we are always on hunt for good fast food joints that offer delicious burgers, and to our good luck, we found a new one, for us at-least because these guys are operating since 2015; Fin Burger... tada!

The only thing that would've gone wrong for us was that we reach the spot at the time, when they were about to close their operations for the day, so we requested them to take our order and thankfully they obliged! we took some time, to finalize what to order, as they have a big line up of burgers, from chicken to beef to lamb, and then single patty to multiple patties. With, a number toppings to choose from. Various options for fries as well, plain, spiral, waffle & pom poms. Apart from a huge variety of burgers, they also serve limited options of fried chicken, rice and noodles. Standard beverages plus the new ones we tried there were Sparkling Apple Juices goes by the names of Adam and Eve, creatively designed bottles and good soft drink to accompany your meal.

Now because we wanted to try all the varieties, we decided to order single patty burgers, otherwise we wouldn't be able to finish all of them. So, we went for Lamb Bacon Cheese burger, Beef Bacon Cheese burger and Chicken Bacon Cheese burger. Along with a bucket of plain fries and Sparking Apple Juices (Adam and Eve).

The order we placed was prepared fresh and was cooked to perfection. Quality, fresh ingredients, juicy burger patties, balanced spices and a lot of filling, makes these burgers best in class and made a lovely dinner meal for us. Definitely recommended :)

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