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Monday, February 3, 2020

Dataran Lang or Eagle Square, Geo Park and Jetty Point, Kuah in Langkawi, Malaysia - Day 03 - Ep 04

Day 03 - Ep 04 - It was around 7 in the morning and a wonderful overcast weather with smooth soothing breeze and we were at the jewel of Malaysia, called Langkawi :)

This morning we went straight to Jetty Point, Kuah to start our sight seeing and exploration of this beautiful island, and the first attraction that we started from was, Dataran Lang, which is right beside the Jetty Point and is also called Eagle Square. It is actually built in the form of tiled corniche at one end of the jetty in the shape of a big pentagram (or five pointed star).  Right at the middle of this star is the main attraction of this square, a big sculpture of a brown eagle on top of a carved stone, poised to take off. Brown eagle became a symbol for Langkawi over the period of time and they say that the work Langkawi is actually a combination of two words "Lang", meaning eagle and "Kawi", meaning "Redish brown" - literally meaning Redish Brown Eagle. These eagles can be seen all around the island signifying the association of this bird with this beautiful island.

Dataran Lang also has two covered halls with different stalls and benches for visitors, from where they can get snacks, ice creams, hot/cold beverages, juices, souvenir items, caps, bags, etc..

The entrance of Dataran Lang is through the Geo Park, a small park right at the edge of Kuah jetty, which is also part of the Langkawi UNESCO Global Geo Park (

While we were strolling around enjoying and taking pictures, drizzle started and made our experience more exciting :)

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