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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deep Sea Fishing at Chota Talaar, near Charna

This Sunday we went for deep sea fishing at Chota Talaar and Anwar Ka Pathar. This was our first such trip with Mujtaba Karim and other senior anglers. We left at 4:00 am in the morning and reach Fisheries at around 5:00 am to buy fresh bait (Louvar and Bangra). We left Fisheries after Fajir prayers at around 6:30 am to reach Nisar Barohi Hotel at around 7:15 am.
Nisar Barohi Hotel near Mubarak Village

Besides angler community, there were a good number of bicyclers out there as well, for some club level bicycling event. Looks quite encouraging from community building perspective and also serve as a sign of a peaceful and positive recreational activity for social uplift.
Bicylers at Mubarak Village for a Club Level Bicycling Event

After doing breakfast of Paratha, Channa and Doodh Patti Tea, we left for Mubarak Village at around 8:45 am.
Mubarak Village

There were around 8 teams with 3 to 5 anglers on each team. 5 of the teams went to Chota Talaar and 3 of them went to Hayat.

Those of us who went to Chota Talaar didn’t caught much (as per the standards of senior participating anglers, but for us – me, Kashif and Humair, we did quite well Smile).

We did trolling…Trolling on the way

But unfortunately didn’t get any thing via Trolling except a 3 or more kg Grouper (Ghisser). Though, Mackerels did bite the bait twice.
3 kg Grouper via Trolling

We then go for Taru… Mujtaba Karim is doing chumming, in below image, to lure Mackerels. We used fresh Louvar and Bangra as a chum and bait.Chumming for Taru

Lastly, we tried manual jigging (without rods)… but to no avail Sad smileManual Jigging

But Alhamdolilah! Bottom works well for us Smile and I caught a Spotted Grouper (Ghisser) weighing around 3 kg and a number of Rock Cods (Damba) weighing up till 1.5 kg.3 kg Grouper via Bottom

It was total 7 kg or more fish that I got as my share…
Spotted Grouper and Rock Cods

Those 3 teams who went to Hayat… did remarkable job and caught huge Mackerels Open-mouthed smile. One team caught 22 Mackerels ! other 17 Mackerels and another 11 Mackerels… man! that was a REAL CATCH!!! Great Job Guys Thumbs up you did exceptionally well!

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