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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Final Plan–Rabbit Hunting Trip To Khipro


Saturday 21st Jan 2012

02:00am Departure from Karachi
06:00am Arrival at Mirpurkhas – Fajir
06:30am Departure from Mirpurkhas
07:30am Arrival at Khipro – Breakfast
- Visit Salt Lake, Village & Forest
- Lunch, Zohar
- Bird Hunting from Zohar to Maghrib – Asir, Tea, Maghrib
- Rabbit Hunting after Isha till 10:00pm – Isha
- Bonfire around Desert Camp
11:30pm Dinner in Desert Camp – Dumpukht & BBQ Rabbit

Sunday 22nd Jan 2012

00:00am Night Stay in Desert Camp
06:30am Fajir
07:00am Departure from Desert – Breakfast
11:30am Arrival at Karachi


Khipro weather is chillier than Karachi, so please carry warm clothes, jackets, sweaters, woolen caps with you, specially desert night is expected to be much colder.

Make sure you have chargers for your mobile, camera and other gadgets. If you have car charger please bring it along. It is good to have multiple car charges with us, so we can share it.

We will be going in our private Cars. If you have one please volunteer your car. Fuel will equally be shared by all. Plus, any wear n tear will also be shared by all. More than 4 people will not be allowed in a single car, so people can travel comfortably and car will remain safe and sound.

It is recommended to carry some light snacks, fruits and water/drinks with you, because we will be travelling around 5 hours non stop.

Carry your toiletries (brush, toothpaste, soap, body spray, etc).

Salt Lake:
Salt Lake



Desert Campfire:
desert campfire

Bird Hunting:
bird hunting

Rabbit Hunting:
rabbit hunting

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