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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Final Plan–Rabbit Hunting Trip To Khipro


Saturday 21st Jan 2012

02:00am Departure from Karachi
06:00am Arrival at Mirpurkhas – Fajir
06:30am Departure from Mirpurkhas
07:30am Arrival at Khipro – Breakfast
- Visit Salt Lake, Village & Forest
- Lunch, Zohar
- Bird Hunting from Zohar to Maghrib – Asir, Tea, Maghrib
- Rabbit Hunting after Isha till 10:00pm – Isha
- Bonfire around Desert Camp
11:30pm Dinner in Desert Camp – Dumpukht & BBQ Rabbit

Sunday 22nd Jan 2012

00:00am Night Stay in Desert Camp
06:30am Fajir
07:00am Departure from Desert – Breakfast
11:30am Arrival at Karachi


Khipro weather is chillier than Karachi, so please carry warm clothes, jackets, sweaters, woolen caps with you, specially desert night is expected to be much colder.

Make sure you have chargers for your mobile, camera and other gadgets. If you have car charger please bring it along. It is good to have multiple car charges with us, so we can share it.

We will be going in our private Cars. If you have one please volunteer your car. Fuel will equally be shared by all. Plus, any wear n tear will also be shared by all. More than 4 people will not be allowed in a single car, so people can travel comfortably and car will remain safe and sound.

It is recommended to carry some light snacks, fruits and water/drinks with you, because we will be travelling around 5 hours non stop.

Carry your toiletries (brush, toothpaste, soap, body spray, etc).

Salt Lake:
Salt Lake



Desert Campfire:
desert campfire

Bird Hunting:
bird hunting

Rabbit Hunting:
rabbit hunting

Monday, January 16, 2012

Planning Rabbit Hunting Trip to Khipro

Assalam o Alaikum,

We are planning  following tour to Khipro next week or week after that.

Departure from Karachi at Fri 4:00pm
Arrival at Khipro at 9:00pm
Night Stay - Camping in the Fields & BonFire - { First Night }
Dumpukht (Salim bakra with rice and all) in Dinner
Desert and Forest Visit in the day
Rabbit Hunting at Night - 4x4 & Ammunition - { Second Night }
Departure from Khipro at Sun 11:00am
Arrival at Karachi at Sun 4:00pm

Approximate Cost per head will be PKR 2,000/=
All those who are interested should reply ASAP to book the seats.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012-01-08 Deep Sea Fishing off Kemari @ Abbasi Ship Wreck and Saka 2

Date – 08 January 2012 
Departure Point – Kemari Port
Departure Time – 8:15 am
Wind Speed – 16 to 18 knots
Water Clarity – 0 to 2 foot
Waves – Moderate Waves 
Fishing Points – Abbasi Ship Wreck & Saka 2 
Fishing Type – Bottom
Fish/Catch Type – Barracuda or Kund, ? or Captain, Bream or Safaid Dandia/Phuggia, ? or Khapartaan, Rock Cod or Damba, Catfish or Khagga
Arrival Time – 8:30 pm

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thali Inn @ Boat Basin, Karachi

Like other outlets on Boat Basin, Thali Inn has a small setup. May be a seating arrangement of 80 persons or so at max. They offer all sorts of Thalis and Sizzling Thalis.

We tried VIP Sizzling and BBQ Thali which comes with all different varieties of Kebabs and tikkas (chicken, mutton and beef). VIP Sizzling clearly takes the lead, specially with its cheese topping. While Hummus, vinegar soaked onions and green chilies further enhanced the experience. Roghni Naan were very tasty. Hot from oven and soft, with a delicious aroma of butter on top.

Overall our experience was good and a personal recommendation is to always go for Sizzling Thali as oppose to normal Thali, because, sizzler ensures the contents remain hot until your last bite, while food served in normal Thali loose its taste as soon as it loose its heat.

The slideshow also contains complete menu as pictures with complete details of all kind of Thalis and Sizzling Thalis and other menu items being offered along with their prices.

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All Famous Kebab Fry @ Waheed Kebab House, Burns Road, Karachi

All famous Kebab Fry @ Waheed Kebab House, prepared with fresh butter and carry loads of Calories/Cholesterol. But… kabhi, kabhi chalta hay yaar Winking smile

Fruits and Salad, Herbs and Shrubs (sherbs Winking smile), calorie count all weekdays… and on weekend… phorre do bhai Open-mouthed smile 

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