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Friday, December 2, 2011

Hanging Out–Trip to Rani Kot, Sann, Sindh

Deewar e Sindh or Great Wall of Sindh is a beauty to watch and trek along. Unlike what we expected, proper roads lead you to the very entrance of the Rani Kot Fort. However, because of under-construction bridges, the two internal forts Meeri Fort and Shergarh Fort are accessible only via 4x4. We tried to move further inside to reach Meeri Fort but Cultus didn’t make it. Civic and Alto can go through but Cultus can’t. Nevertheless, inshaAllah we will try next time with a 4x4.

Please carry along enough drinking water and snack/food with you because the nearest shop is almost 30kms away on Indus Highway.

We also tried Palla Fish at Al Manzar Hotel on our way back. Over all fish taste was good, but the spices/recipe used by Al Manzar, wasn’t an experience to remember.

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  1. Next time upload your pictures on to some other site. This photobucket gallery sucks big time, it hangs and keeps playing 3-4 initial pictures.

  2. Wow those are great pictures! Is it okay if I post some on my site?