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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hanging Out–Deep Sea Fishing off Kemari @ Saka 1 and Saka 2

Date – 25 December 2011
Departure Point – Kemari Port
Departure Time – 8:00 am
Wind Speed – 5 to 7 knots
Water Clarity – 0 to 2 foot
Waves – Ripple and Calm
Fishing Points – Saka 1 and Saka 2
Fishing Type – Bottom
Fish/Catch Type – Phuggia, Bream or Khapartaan, Rock Cod or Damba, Catfish or Khagga, Eel or Bam
Arrival Time – 8:30 pm




Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hanging Out–Deep Sea Fishing at Saka1 and Hara Makaan off Kemari Port, Karachi

We did it at last Open-mouthed smile

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Alhamdolilah! we catch almost 60 kg – 70 kg of Fish. It’s one of the best fishing trip I ever had (out of 6 or 7 fishing tours in total).


Special thanks to our Trip Organizer, Asim Siddiqui, who is fishing (as a hobby) for the last 18 years or so. He has all the necessary equipment, Garmin GPS locator, Sonar Fish Finder, Professional Fishing Rods, Tackles, Lures, etc. He guided us to the best fishing spots i.e. Saka1 and Hara Makaan using his Garmin GPS locator which contains all the “Numbers” (Fish colonies or concentration points) that he and others have found for the last 10 years or more using Sonar Fish Finder or practical experiences.

He also educate us with the terminologies, techniques and technicalities of fishing. And for the first time I get to know that all these years I was doing the Bottom Fishing or Legering. In this tour  we did the same although we had plan to experience Trolling as well, but we missed the ideal time i.e. before Sun Rise to do exactly that.

We were around 16 people or so and we left Kemari Port, Karachi at around 8:30 am. We travelled almost an hour and a half to reach Saka1 point. We did fishing for approximately 7 hours at Saka1 and another point called Hara Makaan. Its been an amazing experience, specially for us, because in all of the trips that we did so far, we weren’t able to catch much, but this one turns out to be Jack Pot!

Roughly we form 3 groups, our group of 7 people caught almost 18 kg of fish. Fish types include [ Name > English / Urdu ] Grouper / Ghissar, ?/ Khisi, ?/ Khapartaan, ?/ Dandiya. The biggest fish we caught was just above a Kg and majority of them were around half a kg.

Another first for us in this tour was that, we learned how to prepare fishing wires with reels, different weight sizes, different tackle types and their different arrangements based on different bite types Smile. Soooo much to learn!

During our trip we also heard large explosion sounds of Pak Navy War Exercise/Game in close proximity. We also spotted a Pak Navy Destroyer and a Frigate, others were too far but some of them can be seen as small spots.

All in all this trip was a great learning and entertaining experience for us and we enjoyed it a lot.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hanging Out–Trip to Nagarparkar, Sindh

Saturday, 03 December 2011

05:00 AM – Departure from Karachi
06:20 AM – Fajir Prayers at Sunway Lagoon Mosque. See slideshow for complete pictures of the tour.
06:20 AM – Fajir Prayers at Sunway Lagoon Mosque
07:30 AM – Breakfast at Badin
07:30 AM – Breakfast at Badin
. Experience local breakfast dish called “Daal Khaagar”. See slideshow for complete pictures of the tour.

03:00 PM – Arrival at Nagarparkar
03:50 PM – Visit Jain Temple
04:15 PM – City View from Top of nearby Granite Mountain

04:45 PM – Back to our Rest House
04:50 PM – Asar Prayers
05:00 PM – Start cooking Chicken Karhai Gosht. See slideshow for complete pictures of the tour.
Chicken Karhai Gosht cooked by ourselves
. If you can not compromise on Quality and Taste of food than you have to either hire a cook for your stay or you have to cook it yourself. We bought the chicken from Karachi and marinated it in Shan’s Chicken Karhai Gosht Masala along with lots of curd. When we reached Nagarparkar the chicken was marinated for almost 18 hours and cooking it was as easy as heating the oil and dumping all the chicken and curry and leave it in mild flame for almost an hour. It was very tasty comparatively with what was available at local hotels/dhaabas, so much so that a local homeopathic doctor said that you won’t be able to find a dish in whole of Nagarparkar that’s as tasty as this one Smile
05:45 PM – Maghrib Prayers
06:00 PM – Tea
07:00 PM – Dinner
09:00 PM – Isha Prayers
09:30 PM – Went to sleep – Yes! at 9:30 Surprised smile

Sunday, 04 December 2011

04:00 AM – Woke up
04:15 AM – Breakfast
05:30 AM – Fajir Prayers
05:45 AM – Leave Rest House
06:30 AM – Ranpur Dam

08:00 AM – Choorio Village near Indo-Pak Border

10:30 AM – Kasbo Village

11:15 AM – Trekking on Karoonjhar Mountains
11:50 AM – Arrival at Saldaro Temple

12:00 PM – Departure from Saldaro Temple
12:50 PM – Arrival at Rest House
01:30 PM – Departure from Nagarparkar
02:05 PM – Arrival at Bhodesar Mosque

02:15 PM – Departure from Bhodesar Mosque
05:05 PM – Arrival at Khanqah Imdadia Ashrafia, Naukot – Asar Prayers. See slideshow for complete pictures of the tour.
Asar Prayers at Khanqah Imdadia Ashrafia, Naukot
05:20 PM – Departure from Khanqah Imdadia Ashrafia, Naukot
12:15 AM – Arrival at Karachi

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Hanging Out–Trip to Rani Kot, Sann, Sindh

Deewar e Sindh or Great Wall of Sindh is a beauty to watch and trek along. Unlike what we expected, proper roads lead you to the very entrance of the Rani Kot Fort. However, because of under-construction bridges, the two internal forts Meeri Fort and Shergarh Fort are accessible only via 4x4. We tried to move further inside to reach Meeri Fort but Cultus didn’t make it. Civic and Alto can go through but Cultus can’t. Nevertheless, inshaAllah we will try next time with a 4x4.

Please carry along enough drinking water and snack/food with you because the nearest shop is almost 30kms away on Indus Highway.

We also tried Palla Fish at Al Manzar Hotel on our way back. Over all fish taste was good, but the spices/recipe used by Al Manzar, wasn’t an experience to remember.

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