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Sunday, October 23, 2011

21 Pitches presented in Karachi Startup Weekend @ IBA, Karachi University


  1. Why the heck all were forced to say in English? It looked too lame. Plus I believe Introverts can't be good in pitching. Your idea is good but you couldn't sell it out well. Anyways its great you have formed a team.

  2. Adnan!

    I agree that nobody should be forced to necessarily pitch one's idea in English language. Therefore, we had explicitly asked participants to pitch in either Urdu and English. Only one or two pitched in Urdu probably because of the social awkwardness that one fears when speaking in English. However, this is one of the lessons that we have learned during the first Startup Weekend. When it is organized again, we will inform participants when they register that they can pitch their idea either in Englsih or Urdu.