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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hanging Out: Deep Sea Fishing at Mubarak Village

This time around, we did make it to the Mubarak Village, but, the sea was so rough that 16 of out of 20 vomit during our deep sea fishing attempt. This was my most dangerous trip so far out in the deep sea because the waves were quite high and we were on small launches. Any how, we did manage to catch some, but as anticipated, didn’t had a big hand this time too. Better luck next time inshaAllah !

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  1. Great one .... but yaar i've heard the route to mubarak village has become very dangerous nowadays robberies and kidnappings happen very often police walas dont allow u to go any further or demand rishwat in thousands ???... what route did u take and can u plz guide me how u managed to go there either from a different route or the same notorious route ???

  2. Well there was one case we get to know during our last trip, for details see my previous post. This time we were in good numbers, 20+, so we didn't face any kind of problem in our tour as far as security is concern. It is however recommended to plan your trip to be an all day trip. You should not be traveling on road to Mubarak Village before the sun rise and after the sun set.

  3. We hung out there at mubarak village few years back. its cool and beautiful place.

  4. Assalamualaikum humayun bhai hope your'e fine by the grace of Almighty ALLAH ... i saw your post about mubarak village ... i wanted to ask that from where did you got hold of that fishing line any specific shop address and its cost whole reel and how much that hora/boat wala charge you for a trip is it per hour or all day lumsum .. what did you used for chaara for catching fish and where can i get it ... jazakALLAH ,,, waiting for your reply