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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hanging Out: Trip to Makran Coastal Highway, Chandragup, Kund Malir, Hingol, Ormara, Gwadar and Jewani


Aamir Ansari Faisal Ahmed Siddiqui Humair Ahmed
Ikramullah Khan Kamran Khan Kashif Rasheed
Rizwan Ahmed Syed Rafey Hussain S M Humayun


  • Saturday, 27 February, 2010
  • 05:45 – Departure from Karachi
  • 06:30 – 06:45 – Fajir prayers near Hub Chowki [Slideshow - Video]
  • 07:45 – 08:30 - Breakfast at Winder [Slideshow - Map]
  • 09:55 – 11:05 – Chandragup and Jabl-ul-Ghurab [SlideshowVideo - Info - Map]
  • 11:40 – 12:00 – Tea at Hingol River Bridge [SlideshowVideo - Info - Map]
  • 12:20 – 13:45 – Swimming at Kund Malir [SlideshowVideo1Video2 - Info - Map]
  • Lunch on Makran Coastal Highway, Buzi Pass, Princes of Hope, Sphinx [SlideshowVideo - Info - Map]
  • 15:45 – 16:00 – Zohar prayers at Ormara [SlideshowVideo - Info - Map]
  • Asir prayers & Tea break near Pasni [Slideshow]
  • Maghrib prayers on the go.
  • 21:30 – Gwadar Tourist Motel Check In [SlideshowInfo - Map]
  • Sunday, 28 February, 2010
  • 00:15 – 00:45 – Dinner at Gwadar Tourist Motel
  • 06:00 – Fajir prayers at Gwadar Tourist Motel [Slideshow]
  • 07:15 – 07:45 - Breakfast at Gwadar Tourist Motel [Slideshow - Video]
  • 08:15 – Gwadar Tourist Motel Check Out [Slideshow - Video]
  • 09:50 – 11:00 – Stop at Jewani Museum and Sea Front [SlideshowVideo - Info - Map]
  • 12:00 – 13:00 – Stop back at Koh e Batil and Zaver PC Gwadar [SlideshowVideo1Video2 - Info - Map]
  • 13:15 – 14:30 – Lunch and Zohar prayers in Gwadar West Bay [Slideshow - Map]
  • 17:15 – 17:45 – Asir prayers at Ormara [Slideshow - Video]
  • 19:45 – 20:30 – Maghrib prayers and Tea at Hingol River Bridge [Slideshow]
  • 23:30 – Karachi


  • Available transportation deals:
    • Mr. Muhammad Khan (Nagan Chowrangi)
      Cell#: 0300-3651148
      25 Seater Coaster – Rs. 18,000 + Diesel + Oil
      14 Seater Hiace – Rs. 13,000 + Diesel + Oil
    • Mr Nadeem (Liaquat Abad)
      Cell#: 0300-2206604
      25 Seater Coaster (AC) – Rs. 22,000 + Diesel
      14 Seater Hiace (AC) – Rs. 12,000 + Diesel
    • Khaled (Jauher Morre)
      Cell#: 0301-2219272
      28 Seater Coaster – Rs. 15,000 + Diesel + Oil
      14 Seater Hiace – Rs. 10,000 + Diesel + Oil
  • We prefer last deal with Khaled bhai for two reasons:
    • We travelled with him a couple of times before on other destinations
    • His was the cheapest deal among rest of the others
  • Details:
    • Toyota Hiace Low Roof
    • Diesel Used – 170 liters
    • Diesel prices per liter:
      • Karachi – Rs. 71.86
      • Between Ormara and Gwadar – Rs. 65.00
      • Gwadar – Rs. 60.00
      • Ormara – Rs. 61.50
    • Total Fuel Cost + Oil – Rs. 13,420
    • Driver Labour & Toyota Hiace rent – Rs. 10,000
    • Total Transportation Cost – Rs. 23,420


  • Available and Up to date accommodation deals:
    • Zaver PC Hotel, Koh e Batil, Gwadar.
      Phone: (0864) 4212223, (0864) 4212257
      Booking Phone Karachi: (021) 5680111
      Single Bed (24 hrs): Rs. 7,500
      Double Bed (24 hrs): Rs. 8,500
      Extra Mattress (24 hrs): Rs. 1,000
    • Gwadar Tourist Motel, Governor Rest House Road, Gwadar.
      Phone: (0864) 210899, (0864) 211400, 0300-3939059, 0333-2023158, 0300-2857883, 0346-8334664, 0321-8624550, 0334-3325783
      Apart from the deals mentioned in the link, we were able to struck the following deal:
      Double Bed (24 hrs): Rs. 667
      Extra Mattress (24 hrs): Rs. 50 (However, do note that extra mattresses were not “mattresses” but thin comforters made from cotton).
      We prefer this motel because it is located along the sea shore (west bay) unlike others (Sadaf Hotel, Royal Resort Hotel, Islamabad Hotel). There might be other hotels on the east bay along sea shore, but because we were running out of time, so we picked the very first hotel which met our minimum criteria, instead of visiting all hotels and then deciding which one to choose.
      So, our accommodation cost was:
      3 Double Bed Rooms: Rs. 2,000
      5 Extra Mattresses: Rs. 250
      Tea, Salad, Mineral Water (provided by hotel): Rs. 385
      Total accommodation cost: Rs. 2,635
  • Out of date information of other hotels are available in Hotel & Restaurant Directory of Pakistan 2006 – 2007 (prices & deals might have changed now, call to get up to date information)


  • We hire the services of a professional BBQ chef arranged by:
    Khapa Restaurant, Shop# 13, Shalimar Shopping Center, Gulistan e Jauher, Block 17, Karachi.
    Contact Person: Iftikhar
    Phone#: (021) 34246322, 0300-2145242
    Chef Name: Babar Ali
    Cell#: 0332-3273597
    Service Charges: Rs. 2,000 for 2 days
    All of the dishes prepared by Babar were exceptionally delicious.
  • Food expenditure:
    • Coal, Natural Gas and other cooking equipment rent and transportation cost
    • Plastic plates, glasses, spoons, tissues
    • Chicken, spices, vegetables, oil, ghee, flour
    • Snacks (Bread, Chicken Spread, Chips, Biscuits, Nimko, Kino)
    • Mineral water, cold drinks, lassi, tea
    • Breakfast
  • Total food cost: Rs. 11,003

Total Trip Cost:

  • Transportation Cost: Rs. 23,420
  • Accommodation Cost: Rs. 2,635
  • Food Cost: Rs. 11,003
  • Total Cost: Rs. 37,058
  • Per Head Cost: Rs. 4,000 approx.


  • Always set a single gathering point for departure instead of picking people from different locations, because that’ll save a lot of time. If you are planning to leave early in the morning than it is recommended to gather a night before at a central place, it is far better than waiting for 5 – 10 minutes for every other participant and loosing an hour or more just because of that.
  • Make sure every participant have necessary toiletries with himself.
  • If you are planning to visit Mud Volcanoes than make sure you do not travel on trails created due to vehicular movement. Travel a little on the left or right side, because those sides would be more stiff. While the trails are some what soft and could make your vehicle stop. If it happens, do not accelerate too much, the right way out is to dig out that soft soil around your vehicle’s tires and then accelerate smoothly.
  • It is recommended to have additional fuel in bottle or can with you for emergency purposes. Keep an eye on your fuel indicator and refuel often.
  • A water cooler is recommended to keep ample amount of cold water. Or, if you can arrange an ice box than its better because it will keep both water and drinks cold.
  • First aid kit is a must
  • GPS is a must for such tours, if you do not have any local guide with you. It is advisable to switch off all those unnecessary applications on your mobile which run in the background because they consume your mobile battery.
  • Make sure you have cell phone, camera and cam chargers with you. Mobile car charger is a must.
  • Telenor (voice/data) works exceptionally well. Though there were long patches where no signals of any operator were available.
  • Good to have a laptop with you, if you have several mobile camera, digital camera and cams with you. You can sync all images and videos to your laptop at one central location and later on can upload, share or burn CDs for distribution among tour participants.
  • Keep a trash bag with you while traveling and dump all your trash in it to be disposed off safely as soon as you reach one of the destinations.
  • Keep an eye on your driver and make sure he drive according to the rules. Because if he don’t, than God forbid, that could endanger your and others life.
  • It would be good if you have at least 3 days for such a trip, we were running out of time and could’ve enjoyed more if we had an extra day to spend.

Participant’s Comments:


  1. Great work Humayun. I really appreciate what the effort you did before, during and now after the tour. Looking forward to having more such trips with you.


  2. Great job Humayun Bhai.


  3. Very Interesting.
    I am planning to go there on my car.. with family, can you tell me is it safe?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Great work u guys , i love beaches i wanna go to kund malir but ppl keep sayin dat place aint safe enough can ya plz tell me is it safe or not ?
    i m planning to go in my car wid 3 of my friends -

  6. @Anonymous Security is not much of a concern if you plan your trip in day time. Start early in the morning and make sure to reach limits of Karachi before night falls. Secondly, keep an eye on Karachi and Baluchistan law and order situation, there is a pattern of violence both in Karachi and Baluchistan erupted from time to time. I would recommend not to visit during these times. Plan your visit when the situation is on control in Karachi and Baluchistan. I would also not recommend to take your families with yourself, because its not "that" safe. I wish, law and order situation improves to the point where we can enjoy this beautiful place with our family and friends with out any fear!