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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hanging Out : Sunway Lagoon near Gharo

Entrance Food Court Food Court
Food Court  Food Court Lawn
 Lawn encircled by Food Court  Lawn encircled by Food Court Food Court
Lawn encircled by Food Court Information Information
Fence separating Food Courts and Water Park Fence separating Food Courts and Water Park Fence separating Food Courts and Water Park
Entrance between Food Court and Water Park Slides Slides
 Slides and Pool  Pool Pool
 Pool  Pool Pool
 Pool  Pool Pool
 Prayers Area  Change Rooms & Toilets Change Rooms & Toilets
 Change Rooms & Toilets  Ablution Area Showers
 Lawn  Lawn Lawn and Slides
 Lawn  Information Children's Play Area
Appeal Near Enrance/Exit Entrance/Exit


  • Excellent environment, clean, beautiful and well managed. Hats off to the management !
  • Plenty of Lawns, tiled pathways, beautifully designed Pools, Food Courts, lockers, shops etc
  • Largest Pool covered with beautifully planted Coconut trees overshadowing the Pool
  • Slides with height of ~ 20, 30 and 40 feet including free fall and tube
  • Children's Covered Play Area and Children's Slide (~ 10 feet)
  • Prayers Area
  • Shops offering cold drinks, tea, snacks, chips etc
  • Air tube and life jacket shop (I guess they are also available for rentals)
  • Separate Ladies Pool, change rooms, toilets, lockers etc. (Note: only ladies staff overlooks ladies pool)
  • Ticket: Pak. Rs. 250 (free for children less than 3 yrs)
  • On the spot issuance of ticket.


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  1. Sounds and looks like some place outside Pakistan! Definitely a place to have a family outing... This will be on my list of places to visit... thanx Chacha

  2. Can anybody confirm the current ticket rate in June/july 2009?

  3. Two updates:

    1. Ticket fee is now 400/= per person
    2. Saturday is reserved for Families ONLY.

  4. DEAR HUMAYOON can you inform me please is there available any HUT IF yes then what are the rates for 24hrs on weekends(Saturday)

  5. pls confirm the on going ticket rate

  6. You can upto date information from

  7. ticket fee for elder 500/=
    ticket fee for children above 12 400/=

  8. very nice place for families...and sooo enjoyment