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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eating Out : (New) Shaheen Shinwari @ Rashid Minhas Road


Passage separating Families Only and Gents sections Families Only section Gents section
Shaheen Shinwari Shaheen Shinwari Traditional seating arrangements : 'Takht' and 'Gao Takiyay'


  • Don't confuse ! this is Shaheen Shinwari's new setup on the same Rashid Minhas Road opposite Askari IV. The old one is still operational but its not a pick among places where you can dine peacefully due to its close proximity to the main road.
  • Traditional seating arrangements: Takht and Gao Takiyay
  • Separate families only and gents section.
  • Open air, considerably peaceful.
  • Menu includes all sorts of BBQ, Karhai, Sajji, Kat-a-Kat, etc.
  • Kehwa (Green Tea) with lemon and Gurr (Brown Sugar) is available.
  • Overall good quality food and efficient serving.
  • Plenty of parking space available, free of charge.
  • A dedicated small area for offering prayers.


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