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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eating Out: Al Makka Hotel (Al Asif Square, Sohrab Goth)


Al Makka Hotel Covered Sitting Open Air Sitting
Sekh Boti ready to be grilled Sekh Boti on charcoal grill Sekh Boti on charcoal grill 2
Pickle, Salad and Raita Kabuli Pulao, Qeema and Raita Kabuli Pulao
Sekh Boti and Kabab, Aghani Naan and others Kehwa (Green Tea) with Lemon and suger-coated Almonds Kehwa (Green Tea) with suger-coated Almonds


  • Afghan Cuisine
  • Compact area surrounded by Al Asif Square buildings (flats)
  • Lack of planning and cleanliness
  • Great place for friends to hang out but not suitable for families to dine-in. Take-away is the right option then because food is really worth trying !
  • Meat = Lamb Only


  • Sekh Boti and Sekh Kabab - Very Tasty - Hot and Crispy Grilled Meat and Fat cubes - No spices except salt (well that's my guess)
  • Kabuli Pulao - Very Tasty - Best Kabuli Pulao I've tasted so far !
  • Qeema - Not bad - Mince Lamb Meat, Chana Dal (Bengal Gram Split) and Potato
  • Afghani Naan (Bread) - Equivalent to two regular Tandoori Naan (bread)
  • Pickle - Turnip, Carrot and Cauliflower - Very Tasty and helps in digestion
  • Raita - Not good - Yogurt seems to be out of date
  • Kehwa (Green Tea) with Lemon and suger-coated Almonds - Unique sweet dish, good in taste
  • Good taste and considerable cheap


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