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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Breakfast @ Café Imran Gharo National Highway

 Breakfast @ Café Imran Gharo National Highway.

Overall very good experience. Mutton Rosh or Namkeen Gosht is a must try. Mutton Brain Masala was also exceptional. Shahi Lacha Paratha was good but not better than Whole Wheat Paratha. Tandoori Naan was not on the menu :(. Doodh Patti Chai was good and Kashmiri Chai was not so much. Halwa was below average in taste. Early morning hours are recommended to avoid rush time. They open at 6am in the morning and closes at 10pm in the evening. Roughly 1 hours drive from Drigh Road Shahrah e Faisal, Karachi. Google Map:

Monday, December 28, 2020

New Kababjees Restaurant outlet @ M9 Super Highway Karachi

This outlet is the true alternative of their Do Darya's outlet. Very spacious, open and all out doors. Expect rush during weekends and longer waiting hours. Food was superb, presentation very good and overall perfect dining experience.

They also have lots of kiddie rides, swings and a dedicated gaming zone. Do not forget to check out their signature bakery outlet "Kababjees Bakers" right outside and just adjacent to Exit gate.

Fun Day at Carnival in Bahria Town Karachi

Carnival @ Bahria Town Karachi.

Ticket Price: PKR 100 per person and free for kids under 10 years Timings: 1pm to 10pm For Families Only: Fri, Sat & Sun No Food and Drinks allowed from outside Plenty of Food, Snack and Drinks stall inside Restaurants outlets are also available inside Restrooms/Washrooms and Prayer Area available inside Very neat, clean and green. Lots of rides and swings for young ones Beautiful monuments and fountains Huge green lush lawns and lots of comfortable seating arrangements Overall a fun place for the whole family!

Friday, March 13, 2020

BBQ Grill, Camping & Night Life at Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Day 02 - Ep 04

Day 02 - Ep 04 - It's BBQ time now! no further wait, we hit the sunset time and that means our wait for Big Game is over... yes!!!. For today's BBQ we are going to inaugurate our brand new BBQ Grill. During the BBQ preparation we discovered a new tool, a small hand-held fan.

My wife actually, bought that for her, to use during hot sweating days of Bangkok, but I thought to utilize that during BBQ preparation and it worked like charm... so highly recommended if you guys want to save your shoulders from that kind of a labour.

From the time I started setting up the BBQ Grill to the time I tasted from the first batch, it took around 2 hours. The second and final batch of BBQ sticks were done in additional 30 minutes. So all in all, it took around 2.5 hours, but o'boy that was worth it!

Once we tucked in ALL THAT BBQ and our tummies are all-overloaded, we set out for a nice 'n chill stroll around the camping site. What a wonderful day was today!

:) Shukar Alhamdolillah (Thanks All Mighty Allah)

Camp Setup, BBQ preparation and colorful stalls around Camping Site - Day 02 - Ep 03

Day 02 - Ep 03 - We finally selected a nice spot to setup our camp and while setting up our camp, we made sure our camp's window and door are properly aligned with direction of the wind, so we won't have any ventilation issues inside the camp.

We bought this camp from BigC in Bangkok a day before our trip and is a double insulated camp, good enough for two person. BTW I am thinking about creating a separate post for the kind of camping equipment and gear we purchase and carried along with us and how it helped improved our experience and stay during toor. Do let me know in the comments if its a good idea to have a dedicated episode for that and things like how much certain things cost and from where to buy them in and around Thailand. Some of the equipment/gear we ordered from online stores. So, yeah, if you think it is a good idea then please do let me know in comments and I'll reply back with the answers and if I receive enough questions that could make up a dedicate episode then I'll do one as well.

One thing that we were quite sure and very excited about was doing BBQ at night while camping our :D and we finally got that chance. So, as soon as we finished setting up our camp, the next thing we did is to prepare the BBQ meat for marination, so that we can do the BBQ at night. Do checkout the video as this is a very special, spicy Pakistani style BBQ that is famous in the sub continent. We let it marinate for 4 to 5 hours and will do the live BBQ grill at night.

Then we visit different types of colorful stalls that are setup around the border of camp site, offering various snacks, soups, coffee, juices, etc.